Are your managers winging it from home?

Empower virtual, high performing teams by driving more effective communication and alignment.

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Maximize team management

Being a great people leader is all about effective and continuous communication and alignment. Our SIMPLE, PERSONALIZED, and PREDICTIVE process helps do exactly that!

Align teams around key priorities

Easily identify what’s working and what’s not

Give, receive and request feedback any time

Identify and lock in on key topics

Aggregate responses across new hire, exit, engagement, and eNPS surveys

Set agendas, understand misalignments and receive learnings


How is Pulsify’s manager augmentation platform different?

Pulsify’s manager augmentation platform is a cloud-based, always-there, team management coach. It is a personalized system that can help any team in any setting, virtual or a traditional office, be more efficient and effective, so their jobs are easier and more rewarding. 

Team Guidance

Personalized Insights

Easy to Implement



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