People Management Made Simple

Easily capture, analyze, and act on employee data to maximize engagement, performance, and retention.

Create a culture of Continuous Feedback that directly impacts the bottom line


Create better transparency and accountability across your organization by aligning everyone around your top priorities.


Drive effective manager and employee communication and alignment through regular, lightweight check-ins and performance reviews.


Promote employee success and growth through constructive real-time surveys and feedback that focus on accomplishments and areas of improvement.

Pulsify Surveys

Deploy intelligent employee surveys

Continuous Progress Management

Be up and running in minutes with an approach that provides best-in-class insights and analytics

Pulsify Goals

Align company around top priorities

Pulsify Reviews

Understand what's working and what's not

Pulsify Check-ins
Pulsify Feedback

Enable constructive feedback in real-time

Capture and learn from regular interactions

We were built to be different

We provide maximum insight while requiring minimal input

It’s not a complex review or goal building tool that takes an HR team to utilize…it’s a plug and play system that can be rolled out in a matter of minutes, easily adopted, and has staying power.


Our ability to get deep insights out of minimal inputs is our secret sauce. It’s the result of a simple and structured approach to data input that lends itself well to analytics versus open-ended questions.


Others use employee responses which have to be aggregated to preserve confidentiality. We start with the manager and utilize a double-blind approach actionable at the individual level.

Seamless integration with your chosen applications

Facilitate a secure and easy to use experience through seamless integrations with HRIS, SSO, and other common HR related platforms.

Are your ready to give your managers the tools they need to maximize employee engagement and performance?