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Easily build engaged and high performing teams

Set goals, do 360 feedback, run review cycles, launch surveys and much more at the touch of a button!

Leading companies trust Pulsify's Manager Augmentation™ platform


Maximize team management

Being a great people leader is all about effective and continuous communication and alignment. Our SIMPLE, PERSONALIZED, and PREDICTIVE process helps do exactly that!

Align teams around key priorities

Easily identify what’s working and what’s not

Give, receive and request feedback any time


Identify and lock in on key topics

Aggregate responses across new hire, exit, engagement, and eNPS surveys

Set agendas, understand misalignments and receive learnings


How is Pulsify’s people management platform different?

Pulsify’s Manager Augmentation platform is a cloud-based, always-there, team management coach. It is a personalized system that can help any team in any setting, virtual or a traditional office, be more efficient and effective, so their jobs are easier and more rewarding.

Team Guidance


Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, being a manager is hard and there are very few resources out there to help. Pulsify’s people management platform seamlessly guides teams through the process of setting goals, giving feedback, doing 1-on-1s and more!

Personalized Insights


In addition to providing a process that is specific to teams, Pulsify also delivers personalized insights. The platform uses sophisticated data analytics and AI to lay out actionable guidance that managers can use to make better decisions.


Easy to Implement


Tools to make managers better shouldn’t take an HR team, IT, and consultants to implement and configure. Any manager can adopt our system as easily as signing up for an email account. Give it a try for free right now!




Gone are the days of always being able to sit down and understand body language and cues to sense how things are going. Managers need to be able to lead effectively in both a traditional and newly virtual world. Pulsify was designed specifically with this in mind.

Easily integrate Pulsify with your everyday tools.

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