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Insights that drive real action

As managers, we need an easy and intelligent process to help us answer key questions about our team and organization. Questions like…
I wonder if any of my top performers are at risk of leaving?

Understanding whether any team members are at risk is important. But your top performers? It would be crushing to lose them. We help identify who might be at risk across the organization, how long they have been unhappy, and what is driving that sentiment. We also provide videos, articles, and other content that helps managers navigate each specific situation.

How do I figure out which goals are most at risk before it's too late?
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One of the most critical things a leader can do is to set and communicate out goals and expectations.  From there, managers can work with their teams to devise plans to support the overall goals of the organization. Our manager augmentation platform lets people leaders easily understand where that process is working and where it isn’t. It also surfaces which goals may be falling behind and at risk of being completed.

Am I giving my team an outlet to be heard and really trying to action what they are saying?

One of the biggest challenges for any leader is to regularly understand how the team is feeling about certain issues or initiatives or the latest strategic actions. Pulsify’s manager augmentation platform provides these and many other insights at the touch of a button.

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Am I aligned with everyone on my team and know how to deal with tough situations? 

Most managers believe they fully understand how their teams are feeling and doing. Truth is, many team members are not doing as well as managers think they are. Not only can we help better understand who and why but we can create that visibility across the entire organization.

Is my team getting the feedback needed when it is the most impactful to their growth? 

Managers can’t possibly see and hear everything first-hand all the time. Yet, it's super important to fully understand what is working and what isn’t with the team. 


Pulsify’s manager augmentation platform enables managers to view all feedback for anyone on their team in an aggregated way so they can get a full picture of how each of their employees is viewed across the organization.

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