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What’s your Net Manager Score™?

Many of us wonder whether we are doing a good job managing our teams.

Leveraging Pulsify’s people management platform, the Net Manager Score™ helps quantify it, track progress over time, and benchmark against peers.

How is it calculated?

The Net Manager Score™ is a quantitative way to understand how effective managers are at managing a high performing team. It’s simple to calculate, yet incredibly insightful

Contributors: Actions that managers take to engage a team member around goals, feedback, sentiment, performance, and more.

Detractors: Inaction by managers around a team member’s goals, feedback, sentiment, performance, etc.

# Contributors - # Detractors

X  100  =  Net Manager Score

Total # Opportunities


Many of us are curious how our scores compare to that of others so we added a few cool features for those that like to flex their competitive muscles

Your company’s Leaderboard illustrates the top ten Net Manager Scores across your team and/or company. 


The platform also provides a few different benchmarks so you can see your score against the company average, peer groups, and others in the larger industry – all anonymously, of course.


Come give it a try!


How do I stack up?

What’s considered a good score?

The goal of Pulsify's Net Manager Score™ is to provide managers with a starting point that can guide them to improve and become their best manager self


The NMS ranges from -100 to 100:

  • above 0 is OK,

  • above 30 is Good

  • above 70 is Great

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