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17 Management Gurus You Can Tap Into For Free Today

By Bennett Fisher

Being a manager is hard. We all encounter situations with our team everyday where the path forward is unclear. Thankfully, others have been through this before and lived to tell about it.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of executive coaches, serial entrepreneurs, and management experts that have posted some great (and free!) content on their sites for all of

us to leverage with our teams.

This list is far from complete so let us know if there are others we should be following as well!


Dave Bailey. Has a great collection of essays on his personal website. He also frequently writes for Medium under The Founder Coach.

Melody Wilding. Has a little more of a human behavior bent. Her blog has a ton of good


Anne Sugar. A frequent writer for Inc. and Harvard Business Review. You can find her articles

Marcel Schwantes. His Love In Action podcast brings together many of the world’s top thought leaders and influencers.

Rhett Power. He is a best-selling author, speaker, and columnist with a popular blog and hosted session on LinkedIn called Power Lunch Live.

Leo Widrich. Life coach with a focus on leadership. He has a blog and a free newsletter that

provide a unique view on business and happiness.

Heidi Lynne. Senior contributor for Forbes on workplace culture and leadership strategy. She

actively blogs here.

Liz Kislik. She has a great blog and ton of good articles on a variety of workplace topics.

Entrepreneurs / Leadership

John Rampton. Blogs about success and failures here. He has been named one of the top

marketing influencers in the world.

Dave Schools. Runs the Entrepreneur's Handbook, a top publication on covering entrepreneurship, startups, tech, and design.

Peter Economy. Known as ‘The Leadership Guy’ on Inc., Peter is a bestselling author with a ton of great content on his site.

Small Business

Stephanie Burns. Runs a free online source for female entrepreneurs called Chic CEO that has

some awesome ‘how to guides.'

David Finkel. He focuses more on small businesses but has a bunch of free resources on his site.

Gene Marks. Small business expert, speaker, author and columnist for Forbes, Entrepreneur,

Inc. and others. Many of his articles are stored on his blog here.

Future of Work

Elaine Pulakos. Her company has some great though leadership pieces here about innovative

talent management practices.

Stowe Boyd. Editor at GigaOm and regular blogger on Medium. His focus is on the ecology and future of work.

Ryan Jenkins. He has an internationally recognized blog, podcast, and column around

generational insights and the future of work.

Let us know what you think. Enjoy!


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