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3 Easy Steps to Integrate Pulsify with Slack

By Pulsify Support Team

The Pulsify App can be easily installed on your Slack workspace by the account admin of both platforms and there are benefits to combining the tools:

  • View and set check-in meeting agendas

  • Receive and give real-time feedback via private or public shoutouts

  • Stay on top of your goals

You can setup Pulsify channels within Slack and see information via simple commands. Indicated keywords also trigger the Pulsify shoutout feature for seamless and consistent feedback documentation across different mediums.

How to Integrate with Slack

Set up the integration in 3 steps:

  1. Select Integrations in the left-hand navigation menu of the Admin tab within Pulsify App.

  2. Select Add to Slack button. (Note: if the Slack has already been installed in the workspace, this button will be disabled.)

  3. A page will open requesting that you allow Pulsify to install the app in Slack.

How to Set Up & Configure Channels

Navigate back to the Integrations page in Pulsify and select Configure. Here you will have the option to name your channel and provide keywords that automatically trigger Pulsify shoutouts.

Click here for more information on setting up and configuring channels.

Using Commands

There are two ways to use Pulsify commands within Slack:

  1. In the Pulsify App within Slack: you can type these commands directly (e.g. "goals").

  2. In other channels within Slack: the commands need to be prefixed with "/pulsify" (e.g. /pulsify goals).

So for example, if you want to send a shoutout to a user, enter “shoutout @[user]” in the Pulsify App channel or “/Pulsify shoutout @[user]” in any other channel. The command ensures that the shoutout is consistently posted across all the platforms where Pulsify feedback is available. Similarly, to view a team member’s agenda, enter “agenda @[user]” or "/pulsify agenda @[user]" accordingly.

Click here for more information on Pulsify commands.

If you need help setting up Pulsify on Slack, our team is here to help so just give us a shout!


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