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The Future of Team Management is Augmented

By Bennett Fisher

It’s widely understood that people are a company’s most important asset. And we obviously entrust managers to maximize the productivity and alignment of this key asset.

So how is it that in an era when we use technology and systems to optimize nearly everything, managers still have to wing it? It's time to change that.

What is Manager Augmentation?

Manager Augmentation™ is a cloud-based, always-there, team management coach. It is a virtual-first management system that can help any manager in any setting, including a traditional office, be more efficient and effective, so their jobs are easier and more rewarding.

Manager Augmentation guides managers through a continuous process built on proven management best practices such as goal setting, 1-on-1s, ongoing feedback, and more - including special insights about how to be effective with a virtual team.

The software connects managers to the company’s strategy. Managers understand how they can help the company achieve its goals and can see how they and their teams are doing at a glance.

As the application learns a manager’s challenges, it finds and collects instructive content from the best management publications. If the manager needs to boost an underperforming employee, the software finds the right material that can provide insights.

Importantly, Manager Augmentation can have an immediate and continuous impact. It can help both a traditional and virtual team from day one. Any manager can adopt it as seamlessly as signing up for an email account.

Instead of being endlessly flexible, a Manger Augmentation system is structured. That makes actionable analytics possible. The data feeds machine learning that can spot team members with problems and misalignment – or reveal a star performer ready for bigger challenges – up and down the organization.

The revolution is just beginning

In coming years, augmented manager systems will pull in third-party data too, perhaps including LinkedIn or Glassdoor to help with predictive insights.

Leveraging machine learning allows the app to require less input from managers. Information will flow in from online interactions, company documents, emails, texts and collaboration tools such as Slack.

Management Augmentation will morph with the times. It will be built into chatbots, voice systems like Alexa, or anything else that comes along. The AI will come to understand individual managers and their teams. The better it knows you, the better it can advise and guide you.

Every manager will want the guidance of the Manager Augmentation system by his or her side. Managing without the help of augmentation will seem backward – and a career killer.

At Pulsify, we’ve built the first Manager Augmentation system. And we built it virtual-first. It's time to end wing-it management.

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