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Join the future of people management


For individual teams

$0 per employee per month

Access to Goals, Feedback, 1-on-1s, Performance Checks, and Net Manager Score. 

Includes all team level analytics and insights

Unlimited 24/7 email support and access to the online support center


For small and medium sized businesses

$6 per employee per month

All the benefits of Free, and:

Access to survey capabilities (New Hire, Exit, Engagement, & eNPS)

Ability to connect teams and organizations

Create and permission admin profiles to view analytics and insights across entire company

Slack, Google Apps, Outlook, and HRIS integrations


For larger businesses or those in regulated industries

All the awesomness of Standard, and:

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Tailored support with a designated account and customer success team

Single sign-on (SSO)

Custom implementation and manager/employee training (if needed)

Custom product solutions

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