Pulsify Goals

Drive Transparency, Focus, and Alignment Across the Company
Clearly defined goals help your team measure and take pride in forward progress within a larger vision.
Pulsify Goals makes setting and evaluating progress and detecting misalignments an easy, scalable, and transparent process at every level of your organization.

Pulsify Feedback

Provide Feedback When It Matters Most to Anyone in the Organization

The best feedback – praise or critical – is given in the moment when context is high. Allow all employees to easily and quickly give and receive feedback to anyone in the organization through Slack, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Individual feedback is aggregated and can be viewed by managers or used to understand where more support may be needed across the company.


Pulsify Check-Ins 

Supercharge 1x1s With Structure and Insights That Drive Action

It’s often difficult for managers to understand how things are going, when and how an employees may be struggling, and how they can help.

Pulsify Check-Ins not only promotes open, honest conversations around topics that are top of mind, but it also provides managers with the structure, insights, and learnings needed to take real action to help.


Pulsify Reviews

Identify and Support Top Performers With Simple, Insightful Reviews
Many employees dislike doing performance reviews because they require a lot of effort to remember and write. But, they are also a great opportunity for managers and employees to align on how a person is performing, how goals are progressing, what’s working and what’s not.
Pulsify Reviews creates a streamlined approach that transforms annual reviews into continuous valued discussions, quickly identifies high and low performing individuals, and seamlessly analyzes succession planning at the touch of a button.

Pulsify Surveys 

Ensure That Your Team’s Voices Are Heard and Action is Taken
Surveys don’t need to be complicated and most don’t need custom creation.
Select from our many flexible, effective, carefully-crafted survey templates - for eNPS, onboarding, exit, and more - and send to the employees you want, when you want.

Being Able to Easily Capture, Analyze, and Visualize People Data Across Your Organization Transforms Your Ability to Manage Your Team

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