Most managers struggle at managing

And one way to make them struggle more is having them manage a virtual team.


Yet that’s the new reality for most businesses today.


Business leaders, HR executives, and managers feel this management pain more deeply than ever. They want happy, high performing teams even if everyone is working from a bedroom or garage.

All managers want to perform well, but many don’t know how

Think of how most of us became managers. We proved we were great at a skill like coding or finance and we got promoted to manage a team.


But being great at a skill is not even close to the same as being great at team management.


Now add to that the challenge of not being able to regularly see our teams in person and it’s not surprising that most managers feel like they are winging it.

Companies of every size and flavor suffer from such a Manager Proficiency Gap and it leads to disengaged employees, low productivity, attrition, and lost opportunities.
Manager Augmentation is better team management 
It always knows where you are, where you need to go, and provides guidance on how to get there.

Proven management 

best practices

Actionable & predictivce analytics

Continuous guidance, feedback, and support

Easy deployment & seamless integration

Team-by-team transparency 

Instructive content



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