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And managing a remote team is even harder.


Many are wondering why an office is necessary, or why they should be in one every day.


But managers still need to be great at enabling high performing teams even if some are working from a bedroom or garage.


Managing people is hard

Managers want to perform well and help the company

But how, when faced with the challenge of not being able to see their team?

How do they check-in on goals over Zoom? How do they encourage the exchange of ideas over Slack? Or remotely dole out bits of praise and encouragement that keeps people going?

Left to their own devices, they end up feeling like they’re winging it. 

Teams of every size and flavor suffer from ineffective people management and it leads to low productivity, attrition, and lost opportunities.

Pulsify is better team management

Pulsify's Manager Augmentation™ tool always knows how the team is doing, where they need to go and provides guidance on how to get there.

Proven management 

best practices

Actionable & predictive analytics

Continuous guidance, feedback, and support

Implement immediately, yourself

Individual and team transparency 

Instructive content

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